Are you looking for Best Hearing Aid Centre in Patna If yes, then your search ends here as Bihar Hearing Aid Centre

WHY Bihar Hearing Aid Centre ?

Multibrand Advantages:

Bihar Hearing Aid Centre brings you the best hearing aids from Siemens, Resound, Starkey, Phonak, Sonic and Oticon offering the most sophisticated state of the art and aesthetically built hearing aid to the hearing impaired.

We are not an exclusive dispenser of any of the brands therefore you are rest assured..

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Following are common hearing ais styles :

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

The invisible hearing aid is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and for those who don't want others to know about their hearing loss. IIC is a "deep canal" aid, meaning it rests comfortably in the second band of your ear canal...

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Welcome to Bihar Hearing Aid Centre

Bihar Hearing Aid Centre was started with an aim of providing best service at a reasonable cost.

A clinic where we understand that addressing a patient’s unique listening needs is the key to helping him/her. We offers personalized hearing and communication services, in addition to the latest hearing device technology.

We are dedicated to helping all people, regardless of their age, to improve communication and vocational independence for life. Bihar Hearing Aid Centre is a state-of-the-art clinic established by Mr. Gaurav Kumar

You are always given personalized attention and a fair, honest, and ethical treatment. At Bihar Hearing Aid Centre, you can be confident that you are receiving the best care possible. That is our promise.

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Bihar Hearing Aid Centre

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Hearing Test - PTA
(Pure Tone Audiometry)

Tympanometry and

Free Field
(Play Audiometry)


Hearing aid selection and demonstration of effectiveness

Objective approach in hearing device fitting and fine tuning

Ear moulds /
Special Mould

Hearing aid


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Truly Wireless hearing aid

Authorized Sales And Service Centre For

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  • resound
  • starkey
  • unitron
  • sonic
  • siemens